Year: 2015


Selawik is an OpenSource, metrics-compatible, Segoe UI replacement font available on GitHub.

Segoe UI is Microsoft’s core UI and branding typeface. Given the importance of this typeface, Microsoft wants to keep tight control over its use. However, increasingly there were situations where an app developer created a cross-platform app, or an OpenSource app, and wanted to use Segoe UI across all of them. Microsoft did not want to permit use of the font in these scenairos, but needed to provide a solution for these use cases—thus Selawik was born. 

The major challenge of this project was to design a typeface that matched the metrics, style, and feel of Segoe UI while being sufficiently different. 


The font is available for free from here.

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Selawik sample

Basic Latin Set

Selawik sample

Comparing with Segoe UI