Air America

Year: 2018

Air America is a font originally designed by William G. Sherman and based on the Air America logo.

My role was to digitize the original drawings and master the letterforms to create the final font. The drawings were quite precise, which made my job relatively straightforward, but I made some recommendations to help improve consistency and balance in the design.

To learn more about the backstory of the project, and some of the modifications I made to the design, please read the associated blog post.

Air America is available for free from Font Squirrel, licensed under OFL 1.1. It is also available on Github.

The name "Air America" is used with permission from the Air America Association

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Air America Helicopter

Original logo on helicopter (Photo from Here)

Air America drawing

Original drawing by William G. Sherman

Air America base forms

Core letterforms

Air America full character set

Full character set—red are added